How we work.

At the Accounting Lab, we’re your partners year round, not just in April (or October). From tangible returns to 1099s and everything in between, you’ll hear from your team consistently.

Who we are

Onboard process

We’ve created a thorough process to ensure we have all the information we need without overwhelming or bogging you down with paperwork.


Complete the contact form

An experienced Business Advisor in your industry will schedule a time to speak with you about your specific needs.


Listen to your current needs

An in-depth conversation with a Business Advisor and their review of your financials helps them to understand your current business environment.


Introduction to the TAL difference

The Business Advisor introduces you to how TAL has minimized income taxes for thousands of colleagues in your industry.


Become a new client

We will send you a Business Advisory Services agreement to start driving increased profit and improve your net take-home pay through our unique and aggressive tax minimization strategies.


Customized strategy

Your trusted Business Advisor works with you to develop a customized tax minimization strategy.


Interact through our client portal

Our interactive portal allows you to keep track of your documents, shows you what we need to complete your services and the status of each service we are working to provide.


Implement the TAL way

Begin a journey of increased business success with your dedicated TAL team, Business Advisor, and tailored reporting metrics.

Income tax management

We recognize that business owners are especially busy. That’s why we’ve fine-tuned our annual client life cycle to ensure you get the information we need to maximize tax savings, without pestering for documents at the last minute.

This annual life cycle begins with our onboarding process, designed to capture your personal and professional financial goals.

Reach out today to get started!

From there, we’ll share our Accounting Lab practices to set you up for success and develop your customized plan.

Once you’ve been set up in our client portal, it’s smooth sailing and our team will reach out to you to prompt you for life changes and strategic and proactive tax savings tactics when necessary.